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one day trip in padang
One day trip to Lubuak Hitam Waterfall , Bungus Padang Sumatera Barat is The best one of Brigittes House trip around Padang . This trip is very interesting because the Waterfall is the famous one in Padang . The location is 45 minutes from our guest house , little bit climbing to the up , because there are 3 levels Water Fall, on the top level you can see a great view from there . After that we can continue to go to Bungus Beach , enjoy for the white sand and sounds of wave, see some fish . Not only that , after from Bungus Beach , we go to Air Manis Beach . We can spend the day there to learn surf and after that before sunset we go to puncak Air Manis waiting for the sunset . So if you have plan to traveling in Padang , don’t forget to check our website to know what the best place you can visit in Padang , join our one day trip around Padang , you will enjoy the experience and you can’t forget it . The Price for this trip is not expensive , for 1- 4 persons is 450.000idr , more than 4 – 6 persons is 100.000idr/person . So , if you feel bored in padang , join with our trip and you will know Padang City is a beautiful city to visit .